An intern´s experience – hotel work placement Tenerife

Read what our interns say about their hotel internships abroad

Our hotel intern, Klara has given positive feedback about her internship; she likes her hotel work placement Tenerife a lot and has managed to sight-see practically the whole island. Thank you for your feedback!

¨We took a trip to Teide, by car. Then we were headed north during the carnival and then we visited some places like Playa de Las Teresitas, Santa Cruz, La Laguna and Playa de Benijo. Then last weekend we were in Masca with some friends, we were hiking there – we loved the place. I am cycling here a lot, especially in Costa Adeje, San Miguel, La Camella and Valle San Lorenzo.¨
Want your own chance to explore Tenerife whilst gaining valuable working experiences?

Intern on Tenerife – Our hotel intern Aimee has been able to see a lot of Tenerife during her time off – doing lots of great things around the island

interns on Tenerife_canary islands

“I went to Los Gigantes and went on a boat trip to see the cliffs and Masca Bay which were beautiful; we also went on a boat trip from Puerto Colón to see the whales and dolphins which was a lot of fun although I didn’t see any dolphins. The opening parade for the Arona carnival was spectacular! I wish I had gotten to see the real thing in Santa Cruz. Other than that I’ve just really enjoyed the whole experience of being here and making new friends who are sharing the same sort of experience.”

Thank you for your feedback. We have many more opportunities here on Tenerife as well as on the other Canary Islands, Greece and Malta.

Traineeship on Tenerife – Our intern Zoe has given some feedback on her internship so far. She is half way through her internship on Tenerife:

“I am enjoying my internship. My main highlight is of course the wonderful weather!
All the staff members are very nice and helpful too! It’s difficult to go on excursions with the other interns as we rarely get the same day off. We have been to Loro Parque, and are intending to go to Siam Park with a car so we can drive around the island. I mainly spend my days off at the beach!”

Do you want the opportunity to spend your time off at the beach? Meet many interns from different countries? Then a hotel work placement on Tenerife is a good choice for you.

traineeship on Tenerife_nightlife

Practical training on Fuerteventura – Tin, one of our interns from University of Rijeka, completed his internship in the sports department and gave us a feedback about his time on Fuerteventura:


“After 6 months here I have to say I have had a good time, there was a lot of work with different people… some of it was good and some less good, but that’s life. There was enough time to travel around the island and even to visit Lanzarote. We all lived together in a little village. Some of us stayed in workers apartments; some had their own rented houses – so we were very close all the time. I met some awesome people that will stay forever in my memory, also some of them I’ll see soon and I’ll try to stay in touch. Working in the sports team gave me access to all sport facilities and that was fun. Swimming in the Olympic-sized pool everyday with top class tri-athletes, bike tours with pro’s, volleyball and football with guests and much more… Altogether it was an amazing time and I highly recommend to everyone who loves sport and don’t mind staying in the sun all day long :)”

Ugne enjoyed her hotel internship on Fuerteventura

“To everybody who is wondering whether to do an internship or not, I will just say “Go for it and it will be the experience you will never forget”. Working in a 5 star hotel on one of the most beautiful islands on earth –Fuerteventura – was an incredible experience. The internship was an overall combination of learning how to be a professional at work, improving foreign languages, getting to know new people from seriously all over the world, travelling around the place, and as you are in a tourist destination, in your free time you just feel like on holiday!

hotel internship on Fuerteventura_reception

I was not sure how internships in the reception work, and whether I will be able to really learn, or just do some basic things, but I was pleasantly surprised to be given an opportunity to feel like a real receptionist, by attending customers, calls, emails, arranging excursions, special requests, and getting to know how to do every single thing. Working in a Spanish people based environment was amazing, people are so friendly and smiling all the time, very helpful and always optimistic which helps a lot in the fast moving and usually busy hotel environment.

If you are worried about your language skills, just believe that you are going to improve in a shorter time that you could ever think! You will hear foreign languages around you all the time and pick it up very quickly, and once people see you want to learn they will help you in any way (my colleagues were always friendly to repeat the sentence if I didn’t understand it, or even to write it down for me so that I could remember it the next time).

My hotel work placement on Fuerteventura was like a long holiday for me during which I became fluent in Spanish and learnt how to work as a receptionist without actually feeling that you are working hard (obviously you feel much more relaxed having sea view at work!).

I wish all the best luck to future interns and hope they will enjoy internships as much as I did.

Thank you again very, very much! I liked it so much that the only thing I dream of is to come back to live in Canaries after my one year of studies left. I hope the experience of internship will help me to find a job easier.”

Our intern Jessica gave us a feedback about her hotel work placement on Kos

s-w-e-p intern on Kos

“I’m an Italian student and I’ve spent 4 months in Greece doing a wonderful internship in the front office department of a resort on the Kos Island. At the beginning it wasn’t easy, I don’t speak Greek and the majority of the staff was Greek but fortunately everyone knew English. All the staff was very polite and I have learned a lot of things thanks to the guide of my supervisors. The job was amazing, I could get to know many new people and use all the languages I know (English, Spanish, Italian). The island was perfect. After the job you can spend your time relaxing at the beach, going shopping and doing excursions. I visited all the islands around Kos and Bodrum in Turkey. Also the night is very funny. The village, in which I lived, is full of international and Greek parties, and this is a good chance to make friendship with people that doesn’t work in your hotel.

I’m sure that you will also have a wonderful internship experience here!”

2 interns give a short Feedback about their hotel work placements on Malta

Carolin and her twin sister Annika are currently doing their internships on Malta. Before they started the internships, we organised a 4 week long English language course on Malta for them, to offer them a good preparation for their internships. Carolin and Annika really liked the language course and are now enjoying their internships where they learn many new things every day. We are happy to see that our interns are having such a great time during their hotel work placements on Malta!

The s-w-e-p team wishes you a wonderful time and great success for the upcoming weeks during your hotel internships abroad! 

girl on the beach in Malta

If you have taken some nice pictures during your internship abroad and would like to give us a short feedback about it, we and our future interns would be very thankful! Please send us your pics so that we can post them on Facebook, Instagram and on our blog!

Hotel work placement in the Human Resources Department

Like many students Mireille also has to do an internship abroad for her studies.

Mireille is a very enthusiastic student from France and like many students she also has to do an internship abroad for her studies. Therefore she contacted s-w-e-p to organize her an internship. And now, after almost 5 months of practical training in the Human Resources Department in a hotel on Tenerife, her internship is going to finish soon. We asked her to give us a short feedback about her practical training:

practical training human resources

“I am doing my internship in the Human Resources Department for a luxury hotel chain here on Tenerife where s-w-e-p is also located. My tasks in this department are to stay in contact with all trainees, to prepare the labor documentation and to hand it over to the new employees, to select the best employees of all received applications, to organize further education and on-the-job training of the employees etc. As the trainees are coming from all over Europe, I talk most of the time in English, but with my team and my Spanish colleagues of other departments in the hotel I always talk in Spanish. For that reason it is necessary to have at least intermediate Spanish skills in the Human Resources Department. In my leisure time I normally go to the nearby beach but I have also done many trips around the biggest Canary Island together with my new friends. I love Tenerife! I am very thankful for this opportunity and would do it always again!!”

We thank you, Mireille, for taking the time to give us a short feedback of your hotel work placement on Tenerife in the HR Department. We wish you all the best for your future. 🙂
Your s-w-e-p-Team

The student Camille from France is realizing a 4-months hotel work placement on Tenerife in the Reception Department

Since April Camille is working at the Reception Department in a beautiful 4 star hotel on Tenerife. Read more about the experiences she made during her Reception internship…
“I am really enjoying my internship here on Tenerife! I love meeting new people and travelling around. It is a great chance to work in a hotel for a few months. I like the daily work at the reception and I love being in contact with people of different nationalities and getting in touch with new cultures. During my time on the island, I got an insight into the hotel business and I have improved my language skills.

In my free-time, I normally go out with my new friends and colleagues. It is a pleasure that I have met all these lovely people. I am really enjoying my time on the island and I am already sad that I have to leave soon. Nevertheless, I will keep plenty of good memories and maybe in my future I will come back to work again on this beautiful island! :-)”

reception internship

Experiences of our intern Kristiina during her hotel work placement in Costa Rica

As a part of her studies Kristiina did a hotel internship in Costa Rica. Here you can read more about her experiences.

Our intern Kristiina worked in a 5 star hotel in Costa Rica for a practical training period of three months. During her internship in rotation, organised by s-w-e-p, she had the opportunity to gain experiences in different departments.

Kristiina writes us the following about the time she spent in Costa Rica:

hotel internship in costa rica_horse riding

“The most memorable thing about my hotel work placement are definitely the people who I worked with. We learned so much from each other and had such fun together. I spent three wonderful months with them which I will never forget.

During my free time I liked exploring the surrounding area and traveling through Costa Rica. It is very cheap to travel by bus there. It can be a bit time-consuming, but it is worth to see the amazing nature and landscape of Costa Rica. There are so many great tours and activities to do. I did horseback riding, zip line and rappelling which were all amazing experiences. The local people are very open, friendly and helpful in case I had a question or found myself a bit lost. All in all I had a lot of fun exploring Costa Rica and I definitely want to go back to see more.

I want to say that the communication on the part of s-w-e-p has been excellent and that you have been so patient and helpful with me in setting up this internship. Thank you so much!”

We are glad that Kristiina had such a positive and adventurous time and enjoyed her hotel work placement in Costa Rica.

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