Our ideas for your internship on Fuerteventura

1) Surfing

Fuerteventura is known as a surfers’ paradise. You can find sport schools where you can attend surfing courses or get the equipment all over the island. So, if you want to ride the big waves on one of your free days, Fuerteventura is the right island for you!

2) El Jable – Las Dunas de Corralejo

Do you like hiking? Visit the 20 Squarekilometers big dune area El Jable – Las Dunas de Corralejo. The area is under conservation and close to the 7 km long white beach of Corralejo.

3) Molino de Atigua

The mill of Atigua – have a look at its inside! The mill is located at a huge area where you can see lots of different things. If you are interested in art, there is the possibility to visit exhibitions where you can have a look at canary craft. There is also a shop, where you can buy some of the crafts – maybe you find a nice souvenir! A restaurant, a cafeteria and a gallery are also located there. Outside you find a cactus garden, where you can take a walk. If you are interested in culture, you can have a look at an archaeological collection of the lava cave of Villaverde.

4) Punta de la Entallada

The small fishing village Las Playitas is only a few kilometers eastern of Tarajal. There you can enjoy delicious fish plates in one of the small restaurants or go for a walk. Before you come to the village, you can follow a small street to the east, which leads to the south. At the highest point of Punta de la Entallada you find a beautiful lighthouse. There you have a wonderful view over the Atlantic Ocean.

5) Trip to Punta de Jandia

Punta de Jandia is located at the southwest of the island. From Morro Jable you can follow a route through a semi-desert with minimal vegetation. The view you get there is impressive. Everybody will enjoy it! Close to Punta de Jandia the village Puerto de la Cruz offers lovely places for a break. There you can eat one of the typical canary dishes. Arrived at Punta de Jandia you can see a beautiful lighthouse.

6) Oasis Park

You should definitely visit the Oasis Park in the west of Tarajalejo during your internship on Fuerteventura! Join amazing parrot shows, see lots of different animals or take part in an exciting safari with camels. You will be lead past tropical plants and palm trees up to a hill from where you will have the chance to enjoy an amazing view over the botanical garden and the beautiful beaches of the cost.

Here is the link to the homepage for further information:


7) Playa de los Lagos

The beautiful beach is located northern of the small village El Cotillo. The bays are good protected and if you are lucky there are almost no other people. Turquoise water and white sand are the highlight of your free day during your internship on Fuerteventura at your dream beach.

8) The holy mountain Montaña de Tindaya

For years people say the mountain has magical powers. Get inspired by the mysterious atmosphere! Traces of the native inhabitants remind of the history of the Montaña de Tindaya.  Art and nature get connected there – be enchanted!

9) Viewpoint of las Peñitas

Discover nature from the viewpoint of las Peñitas. After you left behind the oldest village of the Canary Islands, you will get a beautiful view over mountains and the amazing Atlantic Ocean.

10) Release of turtles

An unique experience of nature! You have the possibility to help baby turtles to begin their life at the impressive beach of Cofete.

Besides you can visit the `kindergarden´ for turtles at the harbour of Morro Jable from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm.

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