Internship tourism on Rhodes

Rhodes offers long beaches, over 300 days of sunshine per year and its spectacular nature round the picture of this beautiful island in the southern Aegean Sea. It is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and the most south-easterly of all the Greek Islands of the coast of Turkey.

General Information:

  • Capital: City of Rhodes

  • Population: approx. 115,000

  • Size: approx. 1400 km²

  • Location: Rhodes on Google Maps

Things to know: Unfortunately, the Colossus of Rhodes was destroyed by an earthquake, but in ancient times this monumental bronze statue of the sun God Helios was one of the seven wonders of the world. The statue was 34 meters high, which was set up after twelve years of construction in the island capital, Rhodes and that was about 292 before Christ. Today there is nothing left of the statue but the tourists still like to buy the reproduced figures as souvenirs.

Internship tourism on Rhodes

Internship tourism on Rhodes – Excursions

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The old town of Rhodes is split into 2 parts. The northern part of the town is called “Castello”, where you can see the Grand Masters Palace. This is an old palace, and not like most you see today. There are few furnishings inside and most of the floors are tiled in mosaics. The entrance of the palace is still original with its impressive towers. After looking around the palace itself, there is a museum to look around as well.

The second part is the Medieval City. This is a historic part of the city and has been preserved to keep its authentic feel.

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Internship tourism Greece

Lindos and its Acropolis

This is a fabulous quaint village. It is full of small twisty narrow streets. Here are many cafés and restaurants and all offer a high quality of food. There are many people who offer donkey rides to the Acropolis, although it is accessible by foot too.

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Ancient Kameiros

The old city Kameiros is the most important archaeological site of Rhodes. There are several buses that take you up to these ruins; however they can be very sporadic throughout the day. The ruins themselves are approximately 3000 years old. It is a relatively small site of ruins, and most people spend an hour or two here.  As it is situated on a hillside there are fabulous views from the ruins that look over the sea and on a clear day across to Turkey.

Day trips

Water Park, Faliraki

A trip to the water park makes for a great day out. There are great amenities, and rides and slides for all ages. We suggest you take a picnic or some snacks with you as the food is not fantastic and is quite expensive. There is a free bus ride from Pefkos to Faliraki, but most tourists organize a coach ride with their hotel. Ask your colleagues in the Reception Department or in the excursions/tourist information centre and they will be able to help you with more details.

Island of Symi

You can take the ferry to Symi, or take a boat trip that stops at a monastery. As you get off the ferry/boat there are a few quaint shops in the harbor. Here is also a small train that you can take for about 6 € each; this takes you on a tour to the top of a hill.

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Internship tourism on Rhodes – Beaches

With 400 miles of coastline there are plenty of opportunities and space to find the perfect spot for you to relax throughout your internship tourism on the island. Here is plenty of choice:

Tsmabika Beach
A quiet sandy beach, situated north of Lindos. Here are plenty of options for eating in restaurants and drinking in cafés along the promenade. Here is also a company which provides water sports too.

Agathi Beach, Haraki

This beach can get quite busy in the summer season as it is the only sandy beach in the Haraki area. Here are a few beach bars to get cold drinks from. The water is quite shallow making it perfect for swimming.

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Nikolas Beach, Kallithea
This is a stony sandy beach, beach shoes are advised. There are giant rock pools here and the water is crystal clear, this makes it a great place to snorkel! There is a small lagoon with steps into it, this is where most people swim, and the water is slightly warmer.

Plakia Beach, Pefkos

A sandy beach, again with shallow waters for a long way out in the sea. As with many of the beaches on Greece there are bars on the beach for you to easily get the ice cold refreshment you´ll need in the summer sun. Here are great inlets in the rocks, and so it makes a great place for snorkeling – take your own equipment with you!

Internship tourism on Rhodes – Ways of getting around the island

  • Bus

Buses are the cheapest alternative to travel on the island. They run regularly, but are often overcrowded, especially in the summer months. From the airport there is a bus that will take you to Rhodes Town (see website). The bus stop is about 300 meters from the terminal building. The trip to the city costs about € 2.50 and can be purchased from the driver himself (cash only). There are also the KTEL and RODA buses, which will take you from Rhodes town to many villages on the island and also to various beaches, especially to tourist places like Lindos, Faliraki, Afandou or Archangelos. All buses leave from the central bus station in Rhodes Town (see location) and take you from there to all locations on the west and east coast as well as the inland. Tickets are available either at the driver’s or at the ticket office on site.

  • Ferry

In terms of visiting the other islands throughout your internship in Rhodes here are a lot of ferries that run services to the islands and mainland. Check online for further details of times and prices here:

  • Car hire

On the island are many car hiring companies available, especially near the airport or in the larger towns like Rhodes Town. It is very important that you meet the requirements to borrow a car like your age, insurance and license. Online you will find the car rental services which are close to you.

Internship tourism on Rhodes – Nightlife

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Rhodes is home to a number of nightclubs as well as many restaurants and bars. In each town, mainly those on the coast, there are many bars along the promenade.