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You are looking for a new work experience in the hotel industry? You want to improve your Spanish and English skills and enjoy your freetime on golden beaches? Joining our programme gives you the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic combination in order to gain professional and international experience in one of Europe’s most attractive travel destinations.

We have excellent contacts with more than 100 partner hotels on the Canary Islands and at the Spanish Mainland. We also offer hotel internships abroad in Malta, on the Greek islands or in Costa Rica ➜ see all locations. Based on your wishes, ideas about your hotel internship and your preferred department, we will choose the right hotel for you. Of course, you decide if you want to accept the internship.

Please get in ➜ contact with us and send us your CV in Spanish or English with a photograph by e-mail.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is s-w-e-p’s uppermost objective to achieve the greatest accordance possible between the trainee’s wishes and expectations as well as the requirements of our partner hotels. Above all, we want the trainee to be satisfied with his/her work placement, so we always try to provide challenging and enjoyable internships abroad. Hence, continuous surveys regarding the quality of our work placement arrangements attest the utmost satisfaction among s-w-e-p’s trainees. Therefore, you will get the best possible placement offer for your internship abroad.

s-w-e-p offers a money-back guarantee should there be unexpectedly no offered work placement position to your liking. You won’t pay anything.

Thus, the Spanish Work Exchange Programme is the best partner for a successful internship in the hotel industry.

With s-w-e-p you just can win!

Your advantages

Your advantages

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Our vacancies

Our vacancies

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We can offer you an internship abroad in one of our partner hotels on the Canary Islands, Spain mainland, Malta, Mallorca, the Greek Islands and in Costa Rica. Our partner hotels provide free board, accommodation and a remuneration of at least € 150 per month during the period of your work placement. You decide about the length of your internship. We recommend 3 to 6 months, although longer or shorter periods can also be arranged. You will be placed together with other interns or do you want to do your internship with a fellow student or friend? Just let us know!


Please let us know in which department you would like to do your internship. Depending on your wishes and your language skills we will select the right hotel for your work placement. Mostly, we can organise the perfectly costumized internship for every student. We offer a money-back guarantee in the rare case, that we cannot organise your internship upon your wishes. Continuous surveys regarding the quality of our work placement arrangements attest the utmost satisfaction among s-w-e-p’s trainees. Please have a look at some  reviews from our interns.

Internships abroad – Our Service

  • We offer assistance in the preparation of your application.
  • We organise tailor-made hotel work placement positions as result of a previous Skype interview.
  • Our partner hotels provide free board, accommodation and pocket money of at least € 150 per month during the entire period of your work placement.
  • We are available 24 hours a day by phone and also personally, as we live and work on Tenerife.
  • You don’t have to feel alone during your work placement. If you wish, we can select a hotel with other interns.
  • At the end of your internship we will issue a certificate in collaboration with the hotel.
  • As an ideal preparation, we offer specific Spanish courses in the most important cities of Spain.
    Please  contact us  to learn more about our offered Spanish courses.

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