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Thank you for all your feedback, which is the key to improve our service and also contributes information to future interns

Let’s see what you have to say about your internships in hotels…

“I’ve already gained lots of insights into the workflow in a hotel. The entire staff gave me a warm welcome and I’m really enjoying the work. I think the internship is definitely a valuable experience. I had to learn to live and work with foreign people and to adapt to a whole new culture. At first, I found it a bit difficult, but I settled in very well. As preassumed, I like the hotel industry a lot. After my studies at university I am planning to gain a higher position in the hotel sector.”
Meike, 24, studying International Business and Languages, doing her internship in a 5 star hotel on Tenerife

“Hello, I’m doing fine. The internship is going great so far. The island is a paradise, miles and miles of white sandy beaches right outside the front door. The food meets all my expectations and tastes good, although we have to eat in the staff canteen. My colleagues are all Spanish, but I’ve broken down the language barrier and get along with them very well. My colleagues are all very nice to me. I really enjoy working in the Entertainment Department.
Best Regards, Sabine.”

Sabine, 21, Commercial Assistant for foreign languages, trainee in a 4-star hotel on Fuerteventura

“Thanks to s-w-e-p, the best exchange programme in the world! Without you I would never have been able to start my short-term work placement so quickly. The accommodation is really good, as you know, I am living by myself in a hotel room of the purest luxury. Ms. Lassen even visited me to find out, if everything is going well. The internship in a hotel benefits me a lot, especially for my career development. All in all it is really great! Alone I never would have of found such a good internship in Spain, so the money was defintely worth it. Best wishes, Kerstin”

Kerstin, 20, University of Applied Sciences, Economic Studies, internship in the Quality Management Department in a 5-star hotel on Lanzarote

Internships hotels – More feedback from interns

“Working in the management department is really interesting, especially due to the fact that you get to work with all the departments and therefore get to know all the hotel staff. You become aquainted with the different work flows in all departments. Right from the get-go the hotel manager gave me a large amount of responsibility and all the staff treated me like a normal employee of the hotel and not like an intern. Even though my Spanish was already very good when I started my internship, I am able to improve it every day.”

Frank, 23, studies Tourism Management, doing his internship in the Assistant Management Department in a 5 star hotel on Lanzarote, ➜ get more information about the Assistant Management Department

“It was definately a very good decision and I am happy that I did the internship, I got a hotel placement in Marbella. I really enjoy working in the hotel industry and I would like to work in the hospitality in the future, because I enjoy having contact with many people. I’m really glad that I discovered the Spanish Work Exchange Programme on the Internet. I generally enjoyed my work placement. I learned a lot, improved my Spanish skills and assured myself that working in the hotel sector is the right career path for me.”

Nicole had successfully completed her training course as a European Secretary and subsequently she will stay on the island due to a job offer
Hotel internship

“Thanks for your concern about me, I’m fine. I have settled in very well and the work is just as expected. Fortunately, I get a lot of support by my colleagues in the Reception Department. My internship is due to last 20 weeks. I have already met tons of nice people – it is very international here. My hotel is fairly large and I work, live and party with interns from other countries like Spain and France. I share my room with Dominique, a French guy, with whom I speak Spanish. I feel comfortable here and I am more than happy. Thanks a lot Conny.”

Oliver, 25, studies Tourism Management, intern in a 5 star hotel on Tenerife in the Reception Department, ➜ get more information about the Reception Department

And some more feedback from interns

“Everybody is so nice, I’m in good hands here. My tasks are varied and quite interesting. The accommodation in the hotel is ok and the food is good. Living in a hotel has its advantages – from my room I am able to reach my office in 1 minute. I’ve already gained a lot of practical experience. Thanks s-w-e-p, I was surprised how quickly and smoothly the internship was organised, even though it was done across national boundaries.”
Regina, 21, International Management student, trainee in a 5-star luxury hotel on Tenerife
“I am very happy and more than content with the organisation of my internship. I’m really enjoying my time here. I’m noticing how my Spanish is improving, the work gives me real pleasure, my colleagues are really friendly and I am one step further in developing my career; now I know that I would like to work in a hotel. Many thanks for being the catalyst in this realisation! I highly recommend your organisation!”
Juliane, 24, Master student of Business Studies is doing her internship in a 5-star hotel on Tenerife
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“Hola! I had a warm welcome on Lanzarote, thanks for asking! There were no problems with the flight and the transfer to the hotel. The hotel is really great and the staff are very nice. Today I was shown around the hotel complex and I am looking forward to starting my internship tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the quick arrangement of my work placement.
Sunny greetings, Sarah.”
Sarah is going to do her placement in the Entertainment Department in a hotel on Lanzarote
“Do you want to know what I say about my internship? . . . Then, please watch this video!”
Viktoria is doing her practical training in the Golf Club of a 5 star hotel on Fuerteventura