Internships Tenerife – The miniature continent

Tenerife is an island full of superlatives: the biggest zoo in Spain, the highest mountain in Spain, the highest, steepest coast in Europe, an unbelievable diverse vegetation, breathtaking canyons, 300 days guaranteed sunshine a year, beaches and bays inviting you to swim and relax, whale and dolphin obervations and the possibility to enjoy the authentic Spanish spirit in typical communities.

General information:

  • Capital: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Population: approx. 830 000

  • Size: 1 560 km²

  • Climate: Tenerife has the most well-balanced climates in the world. Nowhere else are the temperature fluctuations as low as they are on the Canarian archipelago. During winter the temperature is mild and springy and rarely drops below 20 degrees, whereas in summer it does not exceed 30 degrees and the Atlantic breeze refreshes the air. On the island of everlasting spring, happiness is an everlasting feeling.

  • Location: This circular island is located next to Tenerife, with which it forms the geographical center of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.

Internships Tenerife

Internships Tenerife – Excursions

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Tenerife forms its own continent just in a small format and has lots of things to offer:

North impresses with a green landscape and beautiful, historic cities; south attracts especially the tourists with golden sandy beaches.

The most popular attractions are the Loro Parque, the biggest zoo of Spain; a boat trip around the island, a hike tour through the canyon of Masca; a climb to the Teide, the highest mountain of Spain, a boat trip for whale and dolphin watching, and many more. The water parks Siam Park and Aqualand also invite with many slides and water attractions to enjoy your stay and having fun.

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Loro Parque

The Loro Parque especially attracts with its impressing animal shows. Sealions, dolphins, whales, and parrots show what their abilities are. Originally the zoo was funded as park for parrots (that’s why its named Loro – it’s Spanish and means parrot). The park has its own breeding facilities and that’s why the zoo owns the biggest collection of parrots worldwide.

In the park itself you can see the fledgelings being feeded as well as an extract from different types of parrots and parakeets.
The zoo has a big house for penguins, various aquariums including a shark tunnel and of course diverse exotic animals in various facilities.

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The Loro Parque is situated in the north of Tenerife in Puerto de La Cruz, and its bright yellow Loro Parque train picks you up at the centre and brings you back, all free of charge.

Find more information here

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Another attraction that you should definitely look out for during your traineeship on Tenerife is the Masca Gorge.
Masca is a tiny village in the middle of the Teno mountains. Located on the mountain slope, it is only accessible via a confusing serpentine road – but the ride is worth it! Masca has only about 80 houses and a small church. There are a few restaurants and bars for locals and tourists, but very few parking spaces on the narrow, narrow street that passes by Masca. Therefore, it is recommended to go there early in the morning.
The village is the starting point for one of the most famous hiking trails in Tenerife. From the 650-800m high place you can walk in a three-hour hike through a breathtaking landscape down to the small bay of Masca. This descent is absolutely worthwhile, but should only be started with sturdy shoes. In addition, one should think of the way back. Either you walk the entire way back uphill or you can be picked up by a boat and drive to nearby Los Gigantes.

s-w-e-p recommendation
: If you want to stop in Masca, it’s best to go there in the morning or midweek. The serpentine road is only for experienced motorists, alternatively you can also take a bus or taxi to Masca.

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Dolphin and whale watching tours

Well known and typical of the Canary Islands are the whale and dolphin watching tours that start, for example, from Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Los Gigantes or Puerto de Santiago. In the warm waters of the Atlantic pilot whales and dolphins regularly swim by and also raise their babies. So if you want to observe Tenerife, whales and dolphins in their natural environment during your internship, you can do so from a catamaran, a fast or glass bottom boat or even from a replica pirate ship. Nowhere else can you see these marine animals so close to the coast. The tours vary in length and tickets are available from just 20 €. Most of the time you stop in a nice bay, so you can refresh yourself in the Atlantic.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Are you doing your hotel internship in Tenerife and have a day off? Then you could take a trip to the island’s capital Santa Cruz. The bus connections are very good and so is the 200,000 inhabitants city within easy reach.
The most striking landmark of Santa Cruz is the Auditorium, a gleaming white congress and concert hall that you can see from afar. On the way to the city center, you pass the harbor and enter the Plaza de España: a beautiful square with a small lake and a park. Immediately next to the square begins the main shopping street, Calle de Castillo. Also worth seeing is the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepción, the most important church in Santa Cruz. The six-storey bell tower is one of the landmarks of the capital.
Shopaholics pay close attention: In addition to all these wonderful cultural attractions you can in Santa Cruz also one – shop! There is a large selection of shops in the main shopping street and especially during the period of “rebajas” you can get a lot of bargains. You can enjoy your free days during your internship in Tenerife so diverse.

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Playa de las Teresitas

North of Santa Cruz you will find the beach of Las Teresitas – probably the most beautiful beach of Tenerife! During your traineeship Tenerife you should not miss this excursion destination.
In the midst of palm trees Caribbean flair comes up, if one enjoys the sun in the bright sand. This beautiful beach was artificially raised in the 70s and consists of thousands of tons of Sahara sand. The beach is flat and a stone wall protects against large waves. So bathing is perfectly possible here. From a hill at the northern end you have a magnificent view over the entire beach. In the small town of San Andrés you can fortify yourself in one of the traditional restaurants and bars.

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Los Gigantes

The spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes are a must for any trainee on Tenerife – the sight of the huge cliffs is unique. With a height of 450m, Los Gigantes is the second highest cliff in Europe. The small district belongs to Puerto de Santiago and can be reached from Playa de las Américas in just 30-40 minutes by car.
In the port of Los Gigantes you can book tours to admire the cliffs also from the sea. If you want to admire the view of the cliffs from the countryside, the small black beach next to the harbor offers an impressive view of the rocks.

Volcano Teide

The volcano Pico del Teide is with 3.718m the highest mountain of Spain and is located in the middle of the national park, which with its approximately 19.000 ha belongs to the UNESCO world natural heritage.

There are several ways to climb the Teide. It’s easy to get by rental car or the TITSA bus (line 342 from Las Americas or line 348 from Puerto de la Cruz) to the Parador de Turismo (Visitor Center), located on a high plateau.

There you will find free information about the most visited national park in Spain and the indigenous people of Tenerife – the “Guanches”. If you are fit and looking for a challenge, you can also climb Mount Teide on foot via a signposted hiking trail.

The landscape is beautiful and you feel like in an artificially created world. The Teleférico (cable car) brings you up to 200m to the top, from which offers in mild weather, a view of La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Gran Canaria. Particularly impressive is the existing silence on site.

For the last few meters to the summit, however, you need a permit that you can apply for free of charge here.

More about the Teide National Park and the permit for the summit ascent can be found here

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Internships Tenerife – Nightlife

Internship Spain party

We have put together a list of a few popular clubs and bars where you can party in the evenings during your internship in Tenerife.

Clubs and Bars can be found in all tourist areas and hotel complexes. The people love to dance to international music and hot salsa rhythms. The following bars are very popular for our interns during their internships Tenerife:

Puerto de la Cruz: