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Internships Spain – Spanish Crash Course

2019-03-15T18:34:20+01:00Categories: Language course, leisure time|

Do you want to learn Spanish? Are you interested in learning a new language? In the following we would like to give you during your internships Spain or in Costa Rica a Spanish crash course. It is good to learn some Spanish for your hotel placements. This little blog entry is supposed to [...]

Internships on the Canary Islands

2019-02-07T19:59:38+01:00Categories: Excursions, Fiestas, Interns at work, leisure time|

Interships on the Canary Islands - Which one do you choose? The Canary Islands are one of the most visited travel destinations when it goes to having a sea and sand holiday. When choosing on of the internships on the Canary Islands, the island should be matching the person itself as they all differ [...]

Do your internship in Costa Rica!

2019-01-25T16:14:50+01:00Categories: Excursions, Interns at work, leisure time|

Spanish language, impressive nature, unfamiliar culture… hotel internship in Costa Rica Recently, s-w-e-p also organizes hotel internships in Costa Rica. The country in Central America is approximately 11 flight hours away from Europe. Costa Rica has a lot to offer – but there are also some things you have to keep in mind. [...]

5 reasons why to intern abroad

2019-01-14T20:21:25+01:00Categories: Interns at work, leisure time|

Intern abroad on the Canary Islands Ever wanted to intern abroad at a hotel on the Canary Islands? How about assisting at the Reception on Tenerife? Are you able to handle challenges in the Public Relations Department? Or maybe you’re interested in doing some Entertainment for the hotel guests? There are so many options [...]

Hotel internship on Lanzarote

2019-01-14T20:25:28+01:00Categories: Field report, Free positions|

Read why Lanzarote is the perfect island for your internship in Spain - hotel internship on Lanzarote Lanzarote is the northernmost island of the Canary Islands. Because of the mild climate during the whole year, the island offers lots of freetime activities which you can do during your hotel internship on Lanzarote. Some examples [...]

Spanish Cuisine – practical training in Spain

2019-03-15T16:35:28+01:00Categories: leisure time|

What is important during your hotel internships on the Canary Islands? Inform yourself which delicious dishes you should try during your practical training in Spain Paella is probably the most well known Spanish Food - stewed rice, traditionally served with seafood, alternatively also available with fish, a variety of meats [...]

Internship Spain – top 10 of your internship on Gran Canaria

2019-01-25T22:51:27+01:00Categories: Excursions|

10 things you should have seen during your internship on Gran Canaria  Tip 1: Puerto de Mogán Our first Tip of things you should have seen during your internship on Gran Canaria is Puerto de Mogán. The village where the port is based is rightly called “Venice of Gran Canaria” and presents itself [...]

Fiestas – internships on the Canary Islands

2019-03-15T16:20:05+01:00Categories: Fiestas, leisure time|

Holidays during your internships on the  Canary Islands Carnival of Tenerife During your hotel internships on the Canary Islands you may get the chance to go to Santa Cruz to take part in the carnival The Carnival of Santa Cruz takes place each February and is considered the second most popular [...]

Roadtrip, practical training on Tenerife

2019-03-15T16:02:49+01:00Categories: Excursions, Field report|

A roadtrip during our practical training on Tenerife Last weekend we decided to see something new from the island instead of lying at the beach. The trip during our practical training on Tenerife was definitely worth giving up our much loved beach day! – We have started with a self-prepared picnic at the beach [...]

An intern´s experience – hotel work placement Tenerife

2019-03-15T15:37:53+01:00Categories: Feedback, leisure time|

Read what our interns say about their hotel internships abroad Our hotel intern, Klara has given positive feedback about her internship; she likes her hotel work placement Tenerife a lot and has managed to sight-see practically the whole island. Thank you for your feedback! ¨We took a trip to Teide, by car. [...]

3 more islands to discover during your work placements in Spain

2019-03-15T13:50:33+01:00Categories: Excursions|

La Gomera is a natural and magical paradise Information about La Gomera and tips for you to know La Gomera is the second smallest of the main Canary Islands and has diverse landscapes with forests, fertile valleys and impenetrable rocky cliffs. Throughout the year the climate on the island is mild with [...]