Interships on the Canary Islands – Which one do you choose?

The Canary Islands are one of the most visited travel destinations when it goes to having a sea and sand holiday. When choosing on of the internships on the Canary Islands, the island should be matching the person itself as they all differ from each other immensely. To decide which place suits you the best, it is really helpful to know the differences of each island:

Tenerife is the biggest of the 7 Canary Islands. You will be very surprised by its Latin-American influence with a splash of African touch. This island is the perfect place to be if you are a sun lover, with its beautiful beaches and such clear sea water which invites for diving activities. If you are a passionate dancer and would like to learn Bachata or Salsa the night life will also offer you this opportunity. For the nature fanatics among us Tenerife also provides you with hiking possibilities for example to the village Masca or the great Volcano Teide. A great scenery of natural fascinations can be discovered especially in the north of the islands; here you find pools which were formed by nature filled with sea water. Tenerife also has great shopping possibilities. The capital of the island Santa Cruz is full of shops and many various restaurants to enjoy tasty Canarian tapas.

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This island is like a small continent. Basically, you can find everything in this place which will fascinate you: golden-colored beaches and great outdoors. This mix of oasis and desert in the south is a beautiful natural area to discover. The dunes which are constantly molded by the wind are one of the main attractions. Christopher Columbus lived a short time on Gran Canaria in 1492 on his way to discover America. You can visit this house “Casa de Colón” which is now also a museum in the capital Las Palmas. The night life on Gran Canaria offers various possibilities to have unforgettable party nights. The Plaza de España in the capital Las Palmas is the place to go which is always full of people until dawn. Even more is going on at the south coast; a place where nobody seems to sleep, except at siesta time, for sure.

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According to others, Fuerteventura is the jewel of the Canary Island’s crown. This island offers the best possibilities and oppurtunities for surfers from all over the world. If you are interested in water sports Fuerteventura and long bride white sandy beaches this island is yours. It is the second largest island, after Tenerife. Even though its popularity is rising day by day, Fuerteventura has such a relaxed atmosphere. Fuerteventura has one of the most impressive stretches of sand due to the fact that this island is only 100 km off the coast of Africa. Stop by the dunes of Parque Natural de Corralejo and see real sand of the Sahara desert. Its beaches which remind of paradise are the perfect holiday or internship destination for all the beach lovers out there.

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The beautiful volcanic island Lanzarote which is shimmering in red is located off the coast of Morocco. Like all the other Canary Islands it is also a popular holiday destination for Europeans who come here to seek for sun and would like to explore the volcanic landscapes. Lanzarote is the closest of the 7 Canary Islands what we would consider as a typical African landscape. Even though there is a lot of desert on this island to find you cannot imagine the beauty of its beaches Lanzarote offers.
Lanzarote is just a 25 minutes ferry trip far away from Fuerteventura which offers the possibility to make a day trip to that island. Lanzarote is famous for its variety of bars and restaurants. Especially seafood and fish is the island’s specialty and a must try.  If it was always your dream to ride a camel in a desert – Lanzarote is the place to go for you.

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Now it is up to you which island suits you the best to absolve your hotel internships on the Canary Islands. No matter which one you are going to choose – it is definitely going to be an unforgettable adventure. We thank all our interns for sending us these magical photos during their internships on the Canary Islands.

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